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Belt Mounting Clips for 6 point harness

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Belt Mounting Clips for 6 point harness

Competition Belt Mounting Clips. Complete Set for 6 point harness, (Driver and Passenger). These brackets/clips are designed for the GT.

They are NOT universal or used for some other application.

All 4 Clips are unique, L&R for both driver and passenger sides. Bolt and go.

Seat removal is not required.

Your OEM belts will work as normal. These are made to swing into position for a track day. You can leave them in year round.

Sturdy 3/16" stainless pro tig welded and stitched on both sides, machined sleeves and stainless hardware included. Protective film pre-applied where necessary to avoid scuffing of the painted floor rails if contact were made during install.

Nearly twice as strong as other stainless options. Will not rub against the seat. These are hands down the best fitting option for the GT today.

And of course full pictorial instructions step by step. Plan on about 1 hour for an install for both seats. We can do it a little faster after the 40 or so test fits we did. All but one fitting, were with the seats in the car.